Tuesday, November 11, 2008

TWD- Kugelhopf

This week's recipe was chosen by Yolanda of All Purpose Girl. Her website has some lovely pics, as well as the complete recipe.

Kugelhopf - what the heck is it?

Well, it's not cake. It's not bread, though my hubby says with that with a little cardamom it could be Finnish Pulla.

It's the nicest of sweet buns, and if you come from the tradition of light breads and sponge cakes, this will suit your palate.

The recipe seemed daunting, but I jumped right in to this two day event. I started last night. I have to admit that I've never used my bread hook (I love my breadmaker.) Almost immediately, the dough started climbing the hook and with every butter addition, it got worse. Because I got frustrated with having to keep cleaning the hook, I beat the dough the minimum amount until it was just mixed.

I had no trouble getting it to rise and after each punching, up it came like a determined prize fighter.

I left it in the fridge overnight. In the morning, I placed it on a radiator for three hours and waited. And waited. It rose no more.

I checked Tuesdays with Dorie where several bakers gave assurances that it would rise in the oven. So, I gave up and baked it. It rose minimally.

I felt sad and defeated. My poor little kugelhopf lay on the plate at barely half its potential height.

There is a happy ending. It tastes delicious! Mon peu gateau est spectaculaire.

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