Saturday, January 31, 2009

Toronto's Cupcake Camp

A week has passed and I've digested the food and excitement that was Toronto's first Cupcake Camp. Was it crowded? Oh boy. Four hundred cupcake fans in a space that should have held about 75. Was it fun? Hell, yes. It was good to the last bite!

Like an responsible organizer, a warning was posted. Wouldn't want someone forcing a cupcake on an unprepared attendee. This would not be a problem since cupcakes turned out to be in very short supply.

Cupcake fans came dressed for the occasion. This wonderful hoodie was an etsy find.

The first tray appeared - was it chocolate or red velvet - with Swedish Berries on top, and it disappeared in an instant. Luckily, my troupe and I arrived early and got a prime spot near the back table. We were able to taste at least the first few cupcakes that appeared.

This was my favourite cupcake. The organic strawberry icing was divine.

I didn't get to taste this beautiful cafe latte creation, even the cup was sugar, but someone kindly let me photograph theirs before it disappeared.

Here's a sweet pairing - one a neopolitan, the other a mini Rolo cupcake.

Even though we didn't last to the end, we had a great time. The jostling and scrambling of the crowd only added to the excitement. Thanks to whomever organized it. I understand $1300 was raised for the Toronto Humane Society. We look forward to the next Toronto event.
Go to the Cupcake Camp Canada website for the winners.

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