Tuesday, January 20, 2009

TWD - Berry Surprise Cake

This week's dessert was chosen for Tuesdays With Dorie bakers by Mary Ann of Meet Me In The Kitchen The full recipe is in her blog entry for today's date.

No surprises here. This cake was delicious. I have got to get an 8" springform pan. My 9" makes my family's preferred smaller slice, but left this sponge cake with much less height. That didn't lessen the "surprise".

What is the surprise? Well, after meticulously whisking the eggs over a warm pan and then following the recipe through, without causing the eggs to fall, when all is said and baked, most of the inner cake is scooped out and replaced with a whipped cream, cream cheese and berry filling.

I wish my Bubie had thought of that. She was a sponge cake diva and could whip one up to a lightness that allowed it to almost float over the Sabbath table.

So, in a innovation to my family baking history, I cut away as much of the sponge as possible, leaving the top, sides and bottom whole, filled the gully with the creamy and not too sweet filling and some fresh strawberries that I soaked in sugar.

The result was a resounding success. Recognizing the delight in my family's eyes, I took my second piece immediately after finishing the first. As I predicted, I never got the chance to have another.

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  1. This is the cake that made your family fall over! I wish I was in your family. Hey, your comments work! It even says what I set it to say when I tried to get them working, eh?


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