Monday, February 2, 2009

TWD - World Peace Cookies

Where did they go? Like all the hope and optimism that fleetingly comes with a Nobel Prize, I left the kitchen and they were gone. Two evenings of work and less than three dozen cookies vanished. The family had Hoovered dessert again.

Hours later, there was rumbling in the kitchen. Each scavenger had found their way back down to the heart of our home, certain that they had stashed away the last cookie. All hideouts had been raided and no more cookies found. I washed the baking sheet and went back to work.

Weighing time spent against mouth pleasure, these are by far the easiest cookies I have ever made. Yes, they are a crumbly, messy batter that must be tightly rolled and frozen for a couple hours before baking. To quote my daughter, "I thought these cookies couldn't get any better, but then I tasted them warm."

As the pictures show, this is a chocolate chocolate chip cookie. When cool, it has snap, but also a melting lightness like the texture of the best almond cookie.

I encourage everyone to try this recipe. Be warned, bake two batches and hide some for yourself!

This recipe, the aptly named World Peace Cookie, was chosen by Jess of cookbookhabit. Please check out her blog for the entire recipe.


  1. These look great! Or should I say, the "looked" great. I can understand how they disappeared, they're the best choco-cookies! Nice job!

  2. They look great...I too have been searching my kitchen for one that might have escaped, but no luck. I'll have to make more.

  3. Your cookies look great! Now I'm craving some with coffee just by looking at your cup.

  4. Hoovered. I like that. That is my son - vacuum cleaner..... Your cookies look great. Especially with that beautiful cup/saucer. Class, real class.

  5. Yes, I will totally hide these next time! They really did get eaten right up!

  6. Aren't they too good to be true, and especially easy to make? I'm glad they were a hit at your house.

  7. I loved the ease of these cookies. They are wonderful. YUM!


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