Tuesday, March 3, 2009

TWD - Chocolate Armagnac Cake

Lyb of And Then I Do The Dishes chose well with this week's recipe from Dorie Greenspan's cookbook Baking from my home to yours. You can find the full recipe and her lovely pictures on her blog.

Ah, Chocolate Armagnac Cake. Have I ever baked anything with so elegant a name? I doubt it. Am I even capable of this feat? We shall see.

I began with the chocolate. Six dark ounces went into an eggy batter. The cake gained weight.

Then, the prunes. The ones I bought turned out to be hard and not very tasty, so I opened a can of large and lovely organic raisins and I chopped them in half. Then I tossed them in the pot and flambeed them with some Glayva, the sweet, rich Scotch liqueur.

The whole batter was then gently mixed with frothy egg whites and popped into the oven.

I wait. Thirty minutes. The fork is very wet. Forty minutes. Still wet, though the top has a firm crust. Finally, forty-six minutes later, I take a chance and remove the cake from the oven.
I hope I haven't over-baked it.

I haven't! With the chocolate glaze, it's got rich flavour, yet a light texture. Perfection. But I can't taste the raisins. They were fun to do, but perhaps I needed a more boozy liqueur to hold its own against that much chocolate. Ah well, it's still a chocolate cake. Nothing wrong with that.


  1. It looks great, especially with the whipped cream. I am eating some of mine now, and spoiling my dinner.

  2. It is an elegant name isn't it? I didn't even know what Armagnac was before this week!

  3. Lovely! Makes me want to pull a slice out of the freezer right now! (This cake freezes well, by the way.)

    I used prunes and brandy and couldn't taste the brandy. Still delicious, though.


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