Tuesday, April 7, 2009

TWD - Banana Cream Pie

When I was growing up, my mother was the typical modern woman. She scorned the kitchen and all its homespun memories. Instead she filled it with flavourless convenience, from her dehydrated potato flakes right down to her Sanka. Going out to eat was something we did regularly. Often on the menu was pie.

Pie was everything. As soon as we entered the restaurant, it was all about the pie. Walking to our booth, we would look into that chrome and glass cooler behind the counter. The discussion would begin.
"Look at the top. It's coconut cream."
"I think you're wrong. They've singed the meringue. It's Lemon." And so on throughout the meal.

Yes, there was apple, cherry and blueberry, but these were fallbacks. If there was cream pie, there was no competition. My mother’s favourite was lemon, my dad’s coconut and for me there was only banana.

What is a cream pie? It’s the sweetest most delicious part of a dessert without the pastry. Like a lovely cream-filled donut. As a child I would stick my tongue into the hole and when I couldn’t get any more, I’d take a really big bite - right there - right at the hole, hoping to get all the way to the big cream pocket without eating all the rest of the fried dough. In icing-covered circumstances the dough would be the treat. But when there's cream filling - look out.

Because these things sometimes skip a generation, my children have grown up with home cooking. Lots of it. Three meals a day, often seven days a week, for 22 years. Oy! But I digress.

My children are less familiar with the diner lifestyle and, let’s face it, restaurant pie isn’t what it used to be. They’ve had banana cream pie, but nothing memorable. I wanted this recipe to make a memory.

As always, Dorie did not disappoint. This pie is the real thing, from its flaky crust, a worthy carriage for the cream and fruit, to the pastry cream itself. My family loved this pie. Me, less so. I’m a creature of dessert habit and expect vanilla cream with my bananas. I’ll have to admit that the dashes of cinnamon and nutmeg added zing, but not really my preference with banana. But I’m only one vote, so I expect I’ll be making the Dorie Cream Pie many more times and will grow to enjoy it as my family already does.

Many thanks to Amy of Sing For Your Supper for selecting Banana Cream Pie. Please check out her blog for the complete recipe.

Bye-bye Pie!


  1. I grew up in diners. I miss them and I miss the old fashioned good, from scratch comfort food. This pie brought me back to the days of the good hot roast beef and a piece of pie.

  2. Glad your family liked it. This pie really reminded me of diner pies (except way better than I've ever had before)

  3. Great post! I never had banana cream pie until I made this recipe. Sorry you weren't a fan but glad the family enjoyed it!

  4. Your pie looks great! Pie is not my dessert of choice, but I liked this one (once it was finished). ;)


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