Tuesday, April 28, 2009

TWD - Chocolate Cream Tart

Chocolate Cream Pie. The words bring back another memory from my diner-filled childhood. Rich and creamy, an industrial-sized can of Dream Whip and a flaky crust.

This week Dorie has presented the classic chocolate pie. But where's my flaky crust? I know Dorie's crust recipe. It's almost the same as the chocolate shortbread I make for the holidays. Isn't that chocolate overkill? What will offset all that sweetness?

The answer is, happily, nothing. Each properly chilled bite of this dessert is pure chocolate lovers' delight! Creamy, crusty, rich but not overly sweet. Memories are made of this.

My only complaint was that it disappeared before I got a second piece.

Many thanks to Kim of Scrumptious Photography, one of my favourite blogs, for choosing this dessert!


  1. Well, if you only got one piece, then you must make it again.

  2. Oh cute little ramekins ... what a great idea. Luckily H is not a dark chocolate person, so I get most of this one. Er ... or maybe unluckily for my waistline!

  3. Totally agree that the final product didn't end up too sweet - I thought the almost bitterness of the crust helped offset the sweetness of the custard. Looks fabulous!

  4. It was good, wasn't it? Ours didn't last long either. Yours looks just right. Love the yellow bowls.

  5. The last photo is just so wonderful...I just love little minis, but with two 16 year old boys in the house, those just won't fly...someday, and someday I want them all to look like that last photo! Great job.

  6. I love your mini version. It sounds like this didn't last long in your house!

  7. That's a successful dessert, when you don't get a second piece! I loved it with the chocolate crust, so I'm glad you liked it too.

  8. Glad you like it so much! Nice job! It was a bit too much for me with the bittersweet chocolate but I think I'd love it with milk chocolate.


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