Thursday, May 21, 2009

Holishkes (Cabbage Rolls)

I love cabbage rolls. (That's Savoy cabbage, with the bright green colour.) Plump and meaty, sweet and sour. A veg, starch and meat meal in a tidy package. I can't believe I've never made them. Then I went to the deli and discovered the current price of a single cabbage roll.

I admit it, I'm a foodie. I indulge myself and my family. Good dark chocolate, rich tea, organic meat - but cabbage rolls? I don't think so. I'm just not ready for the $7 cabbage roll.

So, off to my trusty recipe file, where I found the perfect recipe Holishkes. It is reprinted from The Second Avenue Deli Cookbook, by Sharon Lebewohl and Rena Bulkin.

It's a straightforward recipe with the sweet and sour enhanced by whole chopped oranges and lemons. I knew the results would be delicious and they'd all be gone in a flash. The next time the craving came I'd have to start all over again. So I decided to double the recipe.

I knew I'd need help and enlisted my son. He took over the steaming and separating of the leaves and preparing the filling while I chopped the ingredients for the sauce.

The only change I made to the recipe was omitting most of the shredded cabbage from the sauce. There was still lots of cabbage. We were very pleased with the results.


  1. I've never had a cabbage roll, this sound very tasty and satisfying.

  2. That stuffed cabbage looks tasty!


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