Thursday, October 29, 2009

Monkey Bread

I have Bundt Fever! Is there anyone out there following The Food Librarian's I Like Big Bundts: 30 Days of Bundts who hasn't been affected? Not possible.

After 12 days of a-bundt-ant circular loveliness I had to get up off this chair and bake a bundt.

My humble contribution is a reprise of Food Librarian's day 7 Monkey Bread.

Like my bundt mentor, I followed Martha Stewart's recipe. My only change to the batter was the addition of a teaspoon of cinnamon. I like the golden colour it gives the finished cake. Also, when I was constructing the last layer, I switched out the chopped walnuts for chocolate chips. I like a little chocolate in, well, everything.

This was my first monkey bread and it won't be my last. Imagine taking a plate of cinnamon rolls, separating them into bite sized pieces and dipping each individual bite into a buttery cinnamon, brown sugar, nut mixture. Salivating? Me too.

Before I head back to the kitchen for another slice, let me encourage you again to visit The Food Librarian's blog where she is industriously baking a bundt a day, leading up to November 15's National Bundt Day. Please cheer her on.


  1. That looks so good! I've heard a lot about monkey bread but I've never tried it. It sounds like something dangerous to have in the house!

  2. What a great looking slice, must be really yummy! :)

  3. yum...i've also been following her bundt obsession and see so many great ones! I've always wanted to try monkey bread and really need to do this recipe!

  4. Love me some monkey bread!

  5. Adding chocolate chips! You take this monkey bread to a new level!!! Wow!

    And you are sooooo encouraging me as I hit the Bundt wall :) It is so crazy to know that someone is actually reading my little blog and making stuff. And sooo improving on it. Next time...I'm adding chocolate! - mary the food librarian

  6. I'm following and baking as well. LOVE monkey bread!

  7. Oh my, this looks so good, I can't believe it. I just keep staring at it. I guess I'll be making this.... TODAY.


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