Wednesday, November 4, 2009

St. Jacob's Farmers' Market

There is a wonderful Farmers' and Mennonite Market about an hour and a half from Toronto. It's in the town of St. Jacob's. This market runs year round, but the Thanksgiving weekend is my favourite time to visit. On the second Saturday in October my hubby and I rose early and drove out to the market. Delights of the harvest abound!

Hubby's back got off easy this year since I passed on getting the 50lbs bag of potatoes for $15. We settled on some of all the lovely fresh Ontario vegetables.

Why are brussel sprouts more interesting on the stalk than on the plate?

I stocked up on locally raised beef, pork schnitzel, bacon and bison.

I didn't end up getting a sausage, but I did sample some.

Of course I bought pies, sticky buns, and donuts. You can't bake every day!

I sampled great chilies and relishes.

Hubby got a danish break between trips to the car with my groceries.

And what would the market be without a little wisdom?


  1. Sounds like a great farmers market.

  2. Oh wow! Is this market open year round????

  3. Oh, Clivia, I love, Love, LOVE St Jacobs!!! I used to live in Georgetown and we often went there for a treat. Have you ever eaten at Anna Mae's???? If not you really should. The meals are fantastic!

  4. Lucky you to have such a wonderful market so close by.

  5. There will be no disparaging of the brussel sprouts. You just haven't had them prepared properly. I agree though, they are very interesting on the stalk. They had them at Whole Foods today, but they take up too much room. I hear they taste much fresher and keep much longer on the stalk.

  6. Beautiful pictures, so jealous of the year-round market.


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