Sunday, December 27, 2009

TWD - My Favourite Pecan Pie

Once as a young girl I cried over a bowl of red cabbage borscht. Sweet and sour at the same time, I couldn't stomach it. Finally it was removed and a lovely bowl of chicken soup with a homemade matzo ball replaced it.

Not everyone can love and indulge you like a grandmother will. I've grown up. I've been taught to be polite and taste what's in front of me. I don't think of myself as a finicky eater any more.

Which brings me to My (Dorie's) Favourite Pecan Pie. I have a very specific idea of how a pecan pie should taste. Nuttier than a Butter Tart and not as sweet. Once you start adding espresso powder, cinnamon and hunks of chocolate as this recipe does, well, my tastebuds derailed. No two mouthfuls tasted the same. A bite of chocolate here, a cinnamon-y pecan there. I couldn't cope. I kept trying to pin down the taste of this pie. I dutifully munched my way through two pieces, but couldn't come up with a single descriptor for the flavour kaleidoscope in this dessert.

I don't know whether I'll make this pie again. If I do, I'll omit the chocolate and most of the cinnamon. But next time I make butter tarts, I will definitely add a pinch a espresso powder. It'll be my new secret ingredient. Don't tell anyone.

This week's recipe was chosen by Brina whose blog Someone's In The Kitchen With Brina has the recipe.

Note: I loved the given amount of espresso. It added an underlying richness. Next time, I would put the prepared filling into the pie shell and then sprinkle the chocolate pieces evenly. When I mixed them with the batter, they fell out in a clump into the pie and it was hard to separate and distribute them.


  1. Your pie looks delicious! I love the chocolate drizzle!

    I have tried pecan pie with chocolate in it twice and each time, I didn't enjoy it. But, I am persuaded now to add the espresso next time I make this!

  2. Aren't you the dedicated taster! I would have quit after the first slice. I didn't chop my chocolate finely the second time I made this, and it made a huge difference. When the chocolate is more distributed, the flavors nuances meld.

  3. Well it certainly look de-lish! And your Merry Christmas picture is great! Happy new Year!

  4. Your pie is decorated so festively! I liked this one a lot, but I often feel the same way when there are too many flavors going on.


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