Friday, May 28, 2010

Debakery Cupcakes

Witticism, whimsy and urban guerilla warfare - these are a few of my favourite things. Add cupcakes and you have a home run.

Enter Logan Peever, pictured below, owner and pastry chef of Debakery a new custom bakery in the Greater Toronto Area. His specialty is Random Acts of Debakery (RAD); cupcakes or any sweet treat popping up at unexpected moments to the delight of friends or co-workers.

As pleasing as a RAD, at the recent Toronto Cupcake Camp I won a gift certificate for a 9-Times-the-Trouble pack of cupcakes from Debakery.

The cupcakes arrived yesterday and today I'm still feeling pampered and a little sugar hungover. I tried three of Debakery's ten flavours. All the cupcakes had great texture. They were moist, not too sweet and very flavourful. Best of all, each had a signature trickle of flavour down the centre.

Opera Torte was an almond cake with a rich chocolate ganache that I really liked. It went well with the mocha buttercream icing.

Chocolate Peanut Butter was a tasty chocolate cake that got out of the way for the kick-ass peanut buttercream icing. What was that delightful centre surprise? I want more of it.

Our family favourite was the Maple Shack. Maple addicts all, we loved the toasted pecans in the cake and the maple buttercream.

Happily sugared, I decided to create my own random acts in the garden.

I was setting up the next shot, when the most random act of all happened - Sophie.

It was time to stop playing with my food and simply enjoy the Debakery treats. Thanks, Logan!

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