Wednesday, September 15, 2010

New Windows

We live in an 80 year old house in downtown Toronto. The windows were probably put in around 1960. It's more than time for a change.

The guys doing the work have been great. See how carefully they carried this window upstairs. There's not a scratch anywhere on our oak trim or walls.

The beautiful bay window in the livingroom is removed.

Here's my son's room without a window. Of course, everything was going just too smoothly. Once the old windows were out, it became apparent that the new windows wouldn't fit as planned. A complete retrofit was needed. So, out came all the trim as well as all the wood right down to the brick.

Here's the contractor removing the old wood by scoring it, then tearing it out with a crowbar.

Peeling back layers of the old house.

Here's some original trim that had been siding-ed over, so we'd never seen it.

When you're ripping wood out of an old plaster house, accidents will happen.

The guys have been meticulous in cleaning as they go. Here's one vacuuming the sill.

Sophie just wants her house back. It'll be another couple of days.


  1. What a gorgeous home you live in. I love older houses too. Ours is about 65 years old and it has such character. Good luck finishing the job!

  2. It really looks like a lovely home. I hope things are getting back to normal for you!


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