Wednesday, April 27, 2011

TWD - Cornmeal Shortbread Cookies and Tourtely Apple Tart

Now why would I photograph such misshapen cookies?  Because in my rush to get many things done, I frozen all the most perfect ones for company next week.  This left only the orphans from the pan edge to get their picture taken. 

Sorry.  This photo doesn't do justice to the deliciousness of these cookies. Dorie's shortbread recipes are always wonderful.  This one adds the surprise of cornmeal and lime, adding two types of bite to a buttery confection.

We loved them and know that the guests will too.  Thanks to Valerie of Une Gamine Dans La Cuisine for choosing this recipe.  Please go to her blog for the recipe and to enjoy photos of her lovely cookies.

This is no ordinary apple pie.  My family is clamouring for me to make it again.  The crusts, both top and bottom, are like sweet almond cookies.  The apples are partly cooked down towards apple sauce before the pie is baked.  It was an unusual and winning combination.

Many thanks to Jeannette of The Whimsical Cupcake for choosing this recipe.  It's a keeper!


  1. Ciao ! I'm sure your friends will be more than happy ! Lovely tart too !

  2. I'm glad you liked the cookies, great idea to store some in the freezer!
    Thanks for baking with me this week. :D

  3. I loved both these recipes. Your friends will love them. I'd love to try them with lime!

  4. They both look wonderful! I skipped the tourte, but enjoyed the cookies a lot.

  5. Ha, my cookies were getting eaten quickly so I had to make sure to rescue a few attractive ones to photograph. It must be nice to have some in the freezer to look forward to. I missed the apple torte and want to try it soon, it looks so good.

  6. Both of these were so good. LOVED the cookies because of the extra crunch from the cornmeal.

    And the tort - yours is beautiful. Wish mine looked 1/2 as pretty.

  7. I think that both desserts look fab Clivia. Lucky guests that you saved the best for them!

  8. I missed both of these but I think I better make them soon. I do love shortbread and cornmeal always adds an interesting texture. That apple tort looks delish. For some reason tarts, pies etc. scare me. I just need to jump in! Have a great day.


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