Tuesday, June 14, 2011

TWD - Chocolate Biscotti

Like the multi-toned variegated weigela in the photo, these delicious biscotti hit many notes.  One bite tastes of almond, the next bittersweet chocolate.  With crunch and a turbino sugar topping in every mouthful.

I remember the last time we made biscotti.  For the second baking of these cookies, they are supposed to be stood on end like an army of cookies.  I completely missed that the first time and wasn't going to let that happen again.  However, I should have anticipated that to stand the cookies would need a flat end.  I've made note of this on the recipe and next time I will get it right.

Instead, I leaned my biscotti into each other.  This might have worked out better had I not used chunks of chocolate.  Baked, they created weak spots. 
And led to the downfall of several good soldiers.
Nonetheless, these cookies were awesomely delicious.  Thanks to Jacque of Daisy Lane Cakes for choosing this recipe.  Please head to her blog and grab this recipe.


  1. Oops! And yum! And very pretty flowers.

  2. Beautiful photo! And your biscotti look absolutely perfect (I eat the evidence when there is breakage). :-)

  3. I bet those chunks of chocolate made these extra tasty! Lovely flowers!

  4. Oh, the poor soldiers! They still look great!

  5. I would rather eat broken biscotti filled with chocolate chunks than biscotti with no chocolate chunks. These look delicious!


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